“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose.”

KBSD Traveling Troupe Performance

The Kathryn Barnett School of Dance has been open for 35 wonderful seasons, full of life, love, and dance family.  Over these years, I have spent hours and years with many, many children and parents that wanted a good dance education.  I know I have done that with many students finding and following a passion for dance in their lives.  However, as you all know, KBSD goes beyond that.

Our dance family, the one I dreamed of cultivating, was one of ‘four safe walls’.  A place where students could truly blossom not just as dancers, but as growing human beings.  Where families could trust in the village it takes to raise children, in the community of people that surrounded them, the ‘common unity’ – the thread binding us – being dance.  We have share that love and through it continue to share a bond with not only this family of humans, but with the world around us.

As a Studio, we have been upstanding  role models for other dancers, presenting ourselves professionally, and praised for it.  We have created and maintained an environment of kindness and dignity that has made an impression on audiences, on competition judges, master teachers, and even on the Walt Disney Company.  It is amazing the reach that KBSD has had.  Let it be remembered that I do all this from my heart.  Following your heart is something I try to impress on every student, with the love I have for them, and it is time I must follow my own advice.  I will miss them, and all of you, every day.  I couldn’t think of a better time to do this, this year, with the fabulous staff, outstanding dancers, and remarkable parents.  Yes, it has been a very difficult choice, but I know that this year will make it a joyous exit instead of a heartbreaking one.

Thank you to all the dancers, parents, and friends who have made the Kathryn Barnett School of Dance not just a dance studio, but a family.

Dancingly Yours,  Kathryn Barnett

Please note, after 35 years of dance, the Kathryn Barnett School of Dance is closed.  No studio or private classes are available for instruction.  We are, however, continuing to share the beauty and strength of dance and the importance of the arts.